Sunday, November 13, 2005

Head in the Clouds, etc

Some would say I have my head in the clouds with this whole Million Dollar Experiement thing, and maybe so. But I figure it's worth the minor attention it requires in my day. Heck, I spend as much time deciding whether or not to wear socks.

So today I took the exciting step of writing myself a check for $1,000,000. I was surprised by the little resistances that came up when I thought about doing this - Oh, that's silly; That's a waste of a good check; People will make fun of me...yada yada (like how I worked that in there?). Anyway, realizing how resistance to writing a check did not bode well for someone seeking to manifest a cool mil, I abandoned my silly worries and got my check book. Once I started writing, it felt great! I even used my full legal name - yes, a mystery name that is. Then I got my trusty scotch tape and plastered that baby good so it would hang right over my computer. Now it's kind of like those paintings of George Washington where the eyes follow you around the room. Now my mil stares down at me and reminds me that it's just a check away (or maybe even closer).

Click here for the latest update from the Million Dollar Experiment crowd

*Speaking of easy money - regardless of your political affiliation the look of $87 billion is pretty staggering.

*Okay, I'm off the money subject. I had a lovely chat with Angeline Hawkes-Craig tonight at the Red Light District - it was me and a host of her other fans. She is one smart and driven writer. Read a sample of her storytelling, and Jason Sizemore's interview with Angeline at Apex Online.

*The fans at the Red Light District will be chatting with Micheal McBride, Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern US time.

*Author Scott Nicholson will be chatting online tonight 8PM Eastern (I think) at the Author Chats, sponsored by Biting Dog Press and The Salt Lake City Library System. Yup, I guess folks in Utah love horror, too.

Don't miss those chats! They're fun, entertaining and provide a whole lot of information to help keep your writing on track. And remember to bring your arsenal of questions - that's what they're there for. Dont be shy!

Have a great week!



Romann M. Weber said...


After seeing your nice comment on my page, I had to come and check out your blog. And it's a strange coincidence that this particular post was on top, since I recently participated in my own version of the "Million Dollar Challenge." To be honest, before I saw your blog today, I didn't know there was such a thing as the MDC, but I had read things before about the "power of intention" (touted by everyone from Napoleon Hill and Joseph Murphy to Wayne Dyer and other modern voices), and I had also read about Jim Carrey's $10 million check to himself some years ago. A few weeks ago, I decided to write myself a check as well, and I have it folded in my wallet. I first wrote it on a check from a closed account, but ripped it up in favor of a "real" check from an active account. I couldn't see the gesture really meaning something any other way.

Anyway, I enjoyed what I read here, and I will be back for updates!


Romann M. Weber said...

My wires got crossed a bit. The "Million Dollar Challenge," which I had also been reading about today, is James Randi's challenge to so-called psychics to prove their abilities in a controlled setting. Of course, your post is about the "Million Dollar Experiment." Still, it is a bit of a challenge, isn't it?

Fran Friel said...

Hey Romann,

Thanks so much for stopping by! And yes, I do know of the famous Mr. Randi. He's made quite a name for himself debunking. Although, sometimes I think the debunking needs a little debunking, but that's just me with my head in the clouds again. ;)

Anyway, it seems we've read a lot of the same books. And I have had my share of manifesting successes, but money seems to be my Waterloo in that area, but I'm an eternal optimist. I'll get there or else I'll learn what I need to learn about the process and move on to the next important lesson.

And the funny thing about your check, Jim Carey is where that idea came from for me, too. A nice little synchonicity there for you. A good sign we're on the right path here.

Wishing you a cool $10 mil. Maybe it's you who will send me my measily $1 million - let's call it your 10% tithing to the poor. Hah! I know...I'm shameless.

Come back soon!


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