Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good News from Hell...notes!

The man in the shades is the lovely and talented, Mr. Nickolas Cook. He has honored me with a fine review of MAMA'S BOY at Hellnotes. I hold Nick's opinion in high esteem, so a good review from him is gold to me. If cartwheels were in my repertiore, I'd be doing them right now!

If you have a minute, please check-out Nick's very kind review of MAMA'S BOY, and while you're at Hellnotes, have a look around. It's a fantastic place to discover what's going on in the world of horror, including books, movies, art, conventions...you name it, they've got it.

Thanks for reading!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Get Skeered for the Holidays!

Get Skeered!

Did you ever notice how some people seem to have gotten an extra helping of talent when they were born? Well, Elizabeth Massie is one of those lucky people. Not only is she a very successful author of several masterfully chilling novels, among her other talents is art. From her twisted and delightful land of Skeeryville, Beth brings us such enchanting characters as the Fire Breathing Dog O' Death, Stinky the Square-Eyed Cat, Boo the ghost, Bonehead the skeleton dog and, of course, the 3-Eyed Devil Cat!

I own some of Beth's original paintings of the Skeeryville menagerie, but when I saw her latest goodies like the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clock, I had to share them with you. As the holidays fast approach, I thought you might like some Skeery options for the folks on your holiday shopping list. We're not only talking about the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clock, we're talkin' t-shirts, caps, mugs, calendars, etc. Lots of Skeery choices!

I just placed my order for a couple of the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clocks and found out that Free Shipping is being offered for orders over $50 AND I received a message that said I could invite 5 new CafePress customers who would receive a coupon for $5-Off of their first order ($20 or more).

SOOOO, if you're interested, the first FIVE people to email me today before 6PM eastern US time, will be added to the list to receive a $5 coupon. Remember, you have to be a NEW CafePress customer for the coupon to work (I suspect if you use a new email address for a new account, that'll work, too!). Send your email address to: fran@franfriel.com

Happy shopping in Skeeryville!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Monday, November 20, 2006

$500 Horror Chops?

From the publisher of Dark Recesses Press, the lovely and talented, Bailey Hunter!

Hello fellow horrorphiles;

It's coming up to deadline time over in the Dark Recesses camp and I wanted to send out a reminder on a couple of fronts.

The first is the Dark Recesses Déjà vu Horror Contest:

The staff at Dark Recesses Press challenge you bring us the best ghost story ever written. We do want cliché, and we want it bad! Bad would be good, in this case. If you go for satire, then timing, execution and balance are critical. We want humor, not cheese. If you bring us something dramatic or thrilling, or God help us, ‘haunting’, drive the story to the bone. Make it tight, make the characters vivid, move us enough so that we’ll remember it tomorrow, and forget the hundreds of other entries using the same story line. The winning story will successfully entertain and will also demonstrate remarkable craft.

You have between 1000 - 2,500 words; not a cold breath more or less.

The contest closes to entries November 30th, 2006.

The prize for our WINNER TAKES ALL contest is $500 in cold hard US cash, a numbered, signed, HC copy of “Bloodstained Oz” by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore, and publication in Issue 6 of Dark Recesses Press, due out January 1st, 2007.

There is a $5 USD entry fee and full details can be found here: Dark Recesses Déjà vu Horror Contest


The second order of business is to remind folks that we do still have space for advertising. Our rates range between $15-$45USD and we can also help you build your ad at a nominal fee.

All advertising is hotlinked directly back to your website/product/contact email.

For more information please contact Tara White at: advertising@darkrecesses.com

As for regular submissions, we are close to having issue #6 filled, but are open for submissions year round - pay rate 3 cents/word.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see some of you between our pages in one form or another.

Bailey Hunter, Publisher
Dark Recesses Press

There you have it, folks, the latest scoop from DRP. And don't forget to get your FREE PDF copy of Dark Recesses Press #5 - Get it Here!


Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Envelope Please!

The Envelope Please!

I want to thank the many generous people who took the time to play The Shocklines Rocks Horror Day Contest. The contest was a great success in support of Matt Schwartz and our beloved Shocklines.com. We'll be doing another one before Christmas. In fact, folks have ALREADY offered prizes for the Pre-Holiday Shocklines Rocks Contest. Stay tuned for that one!

I'm sure you'd rather that I stop jabbering and let you know who won the contest. Right? Well, here's the list of our lucky winners:

$25 Shocklines Gift Cerfiticate - Nate Kenyon
$10 Shocklines Gift Certificate - dudley22
Signed Copy of BEASTS, by Shannon Riley - Lee
Signed Copy of THE OAK CLAN, by Jerrod Balzer - BQueen

And for those who signed up for my newsletter, News from The Lair, the winner of the MAMA'S BOY Signed ARC is the lovely h3yd00!

I offer my sincere gratitude for the donations from James Calhoun, Shannon Riley and Jerrod Balzer. You are THE BEST!!

Thanks again everyone for playing. Please offer a BIG congratulations to our winners!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

PS - All the winners will be contacted with details about receiving their prizes.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Vote Like a Mystic!

"If one advances in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." -Thoreau

Okay, I'm writing this at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, but insanity has its perks, so here goes.

Most of you know me as Fran, the good sister of the evil twin who wrote a very nasty novella...according to Mr. Strand. But I've had a few other lives before becoming a writer, and more recently for the last decade and a half, I've been a holistic therapist. Over the years in that realm, my personal studies have included the concept of manifesting, or creating one's own reality. Fortunately, my husband is as looney as I am, so we work at this together.

When working with positive intent and manifesting with so much of our international environment being infused with adversarial energy, it's a challenge to stay on task (just today I got caught up in a couple political threads). By that I mean, not getting swept up in outrage at what we don't want, but rather continuing to focus a fully as possible on what we do want.

Like the quantum mechanics idea that simply by observing, the observer changes the outcome of an experiment, similarly the concept of manifesting goes like this: Where we place our attention is where our intent manifests. ie - If you constantly think about what you hate or what's wrong with the world, you help to bring more energy toward creating what you hate and what's wrong with the world. If you instead bring the balance of your attention to exactly what you do want, how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, etc, then you give life to that positive intent and continue to infuse that change into your world,literally creating your reality.

So with that in mind, my husband and I are doing a little experiment with intent, energy and voting. Consider what an enormous energetic network will be fully activated on voting day, much like the web. You can't see the network, but you know it's there. Utilizing the quantum mechanics idea of the observer changing the experiment, you can utilize that network to make your vote count with greater effectiveness. Consider preparing to vote with a clear idea in your mind of what you want your vote to mean with your focus fully on the positive statement of that desire.

For example, being the good twin, the idealist, I'll be voting with this feeling/thought/intent in mind:

- I vote for a world filled with peace and prosperity for all.
- I vote for the winners of this election and all our leaders to be
infused with wisdom, compassion, honesty and the skills and passion to create global peace and prosperity for all people, and a loving global stewardship of this planet.

As writers, artists, dreamers, all of us here are imaginative creators of worlds, so when you place your vote, when you push the button or pull the lever, imagine that your intent is infused beyond your machine and into the network around the country (and the world - absentee ballots). It's a cool thought and fascinating to consider that you have more power than you think you do, and by bringing your awareness to your power, it can be more effective.

There will be a lot of folks at the polls voting out of fear, anger, outrage, self-righteousness, aggression, etc. In contrast, you can bring a conscious intent for what you want your country to be like, as opposed to what you hate about it.

Vote like a Mystic!

*fran quietly slips back into her padded room*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Note: The extraordinary art at the top of this article is by the amazing artist, Jason Engle.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nov. 8th - The Weiners...uh, I Mean, Winners

The lucky Winners of the Shocklines Rocks Horror Day Contest will be announced right here next Wednesday, November 8th (or sooner, if I have the time!). If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll also be contacted by MySpace messages or email.

Well played, old chaps and chappettes. Thanks so much for supporting Shocklines.com. Best of luck at the finish line!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

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