Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Little Apex Raffle Heaven

The Apex Halloween Grab-Bag Raffle

I came out of writing hibernation (again!) to share a bit of news I suspect you'll like a lot. In fact, a sweeter deal you'll seldom find! My friend, publisher and the purveyor of the finest sci-fi an horror magazine in the free world, the lovely Mr. Jason Sizemore, is offering a fantastic list of books and writing services in a wild and wonderful Halloween raffle. The dollar's value is shrinking around the world, but not here! For just a dollar you have a chance at wealth of literature from the best in the business.

So whip out those greenbacks kids and take a chance, while supporting the precious small press industry that keeps the best in genre fiction alive! A percentage of the proceeds will also go to the National Center for Family Literacy. A truly worthy cause.

See the details below and at Apex Digest:

You'll find nothing but TREATS here, guaranteed! Here's a chance to fill your pillowcase with all sorts of goodies, including rare items from some of the biggest names in the field. For only $1.00 per ticket. And, a percentage of all proceeds made will go to the National Center for Family Literacy!

One "ticket" will be selected as the winner for each item. So, the more "tickets" you buy, the greater your chances... Winners announced on Halloween at midnight . To bid on any of the fantastic items, just visit www.ApexDigest.com and simply put a "1" in the quantity field (for a charge of just $1). For a better chance at winning your item, just put in a "2" or a "3" (or a "20") and your chances will increase accordingly! Good luck!

This is just some of what you'll find to bid on:

  • In-depth short story critiques offered by famed writers and editors.
  • Copy edited original manuscript of Titan signed by Ben Bova.
  • Signed HCs of Homebody, Magic Street or Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card.
  • Signed MMPB of The Keeper by Sara Langan.
  • Signed TPB French edition of The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum.
  • Promotional Moral Orel photo or t-shirt signed by actress Carolyn Lawrence (voice of Orel).
  • Signed copies of award winning writer M.M. Buckner's: Hyperthought, Neurolink, and War Surf.
  • Original hand-written poem framed with signed photo of Grim Trixter author Brandy Schwan.
  • Signed reader's copies of Mary Doria Russell's new novel Dreamers of the Day.
  • Awesome stuff from Aradani Studios (Paul and Michael Bielaczyc).
  • Signed, HC limited edition copy of Dreadful Skin by Cherie Priest.
  • Giant gift box from Horrorview.com. including videos, shirts, etc.
  • Signed copies of Steven Savile's Warhammer trilogy: Retribution, Dominion, and Inheritance .
  • Three signed, sexy PR photos of author Angeline Hawkes-Fulbright.
  • HC of DUNE: The Machine Crusade or Ignition signed by co-author Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Signed, HC of Metal Swarm by author Kevin J. Anderson. This is the UK edition.
  • Signed, MMPB of The Freakshow by Bryan Smith.
  • Signed Tales of… pack by Geoffrey Girard: Atlantic Pirates, Jersey Devil, and Eastern Indians.
  • One year subscription to Shimmer Magazine
  • Signed & Limited Edition of I Sing the Body Electric! by Ray Bradbury (retail value of $150).
  • Signed copies of The Magic Goblet and The Magic Ring edited by Dr. Amy H Sturgis.
  • HC of The Last Rakosh by F. Paul Wilson.
  • TPB of Wet Work by Philip Nutman.
  • Signed, limited HC of Offspring by Jack Ketchum.
  • Signed Sterling Edition (publisher's copy with slipcase) of The Tery by F. Paul Wilson.
  • Galaxy Press/Writers of the Future Educators Pack – many books!
  • Blood-signed (by contributor Jodi Lee) TPB of Echoes of Terror anthology.
  • Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music anthology edited by Gary Couzens.
  • Abaddon Books Gift Pack – many books!
  • Autographed ARC of Robert McCammon's Speaks the Nightbird.
  • Brian Keene pack: The Rising, City of the Dead, Terminal, Ghoul, Conqueror Worms, and Dead Sea .
  • And much, much more………
Click here to get your chance at some of that wickedly excellent loot!

You know the old saying..."You gotta play to win!"

I'm off this week to Columbus, Ohio for the sci-fi/horror convention, Context 20. I'll be yacking away on a couple of panels and doing a reading on Saturday afternoon. If you're coming to Context, I hope you'll stop by and say Hi. I don't bite...much. *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Lethargy My Friend" - A Little Skitchy for You

Skitchy - Lethargy My Friend Music Video

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I was missing you guys, so I thought I'd just stop in for a quickie. Hope you like this weird but strangely addictive music video. Could be the video love child of Fat Boy Slim and Dire Straits. I know. I have bizarre and ecclectic taste.

"Lethargy My Friend" was was produced by James Martin, from Wales. He wrote and performed the music, AND he created the video. LOTS of talent for one Welshman to wield. You can visit Skitchy here or here at MySpace.

Okay, that's my quickie for today. Back to work...then off to bed.

Be good...or not. *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Meaty Words, Pokemon and Aussies

Odds and Ends
Words fascinate me, and because of my insatiable curiosity, thinking about words can take me down the strangest paths. Like today, for instance, I was preparing to do this blog and I had a lot of odds and ends type info to share with you. Then I got to thinking, where in the world did that phrase, "odds and ends," come from? Well, along with my insatiable curiosity, I also have a streak of stubborn laziness, so rather than take two minutes to look-up the origins of "odds and ends," I wasted ten minutes thinking about it. In my frivolous musings, I came up with my own hypothesis.

Having had the misfortune years ago of being a deli clerk, I remember that there were often bits too thin to slice left over at the end of a slab of deli meat. We'd slap them in a package and wrap them with plastic with the fancy "sear your fingers to the bone" sealing machine, then put them out for sale at a reduced price. Same "wholesome" deli meat goodness, great price! But I digress. The point is, I'm hallucinating that the phrase "odds and ends" came from the odd bits left over from the ends of deli meats, and that nifty phrase is probably attributable to the fine German butcher, Gunter Meathaus, from the mythical meat lusting Bavarian village of Wienerhoesen. Okay, maybe not, but it works for me!

So what does this have to do with horror? Nothing really, but I could pretend and say, MEAT, of course. There's a LOT of meat in horror...wet meat, rotting meat, bloody meat, monster meat. You name the messy meat and horror has it!

And today, I have some juicy odds and ends info-meat just for you, and since I've yacked on about my mental musings, I'll try to make it quick.

A New Aussie on the Block
The wonderful Steve Clark, publisher of Tasmaniac Publications has entered the small press arena with a bang. Tasmaniac is dedicated to quality horror novellas, and proof positive is one of Steve's first titles, Gary Braunbeck's, In the Midnight Museum. US bookseller, Bloodletting Press, is carrying Tasmaniac titles, but remember, ordering directly from the publisher always puts more money in the pockets of the writer and the publisher.

Click here to see all of Tasmaniac's excellent titles!

Pokemon Mama
Ryan Walsh posted the most hilarious thing I've read in years over at Shocklines.com. A woman, who I think could give Erma Bombeck a run for her money (alive or dead - *waves to Erma* - I know you're listening, Ms. Bombeck), is selling a set of Pokemon cards one of her SIX kids put in the shopping cart sans permission. Her item description is a slayer. Go read it!

Six kids! Now, that's horror real for ya'.

Those Aussies Are Busy
Million Puppet Project - now there's got to be a horror story in here somewhere, but until I dream that baby into life, I think this is just wildly cool. Studying the behaviors and feeding habits of puppets could be very important. You never know what getting a million puppets together in one place could do. World domination of socks, felt and fingers comes to mind. Be prepared! For your own safety, go visit the Million Puppet Project site. If not for yourself, do it for the children!

Okay, is that enough messy meat for today, kids?

Will You Remember Me?
One more thing, and this is strangely sad for me - I need to go off-line for a while (no, they're not removing my batteries, silly), so I can get some serious writing done.

In all honesty, I'll miss you. I do love blogging for you and hanging out in the comments bar and grille at the end of each yack fest I share with you. BUT, I'm too scatterbrained to work with the distractions of so much fun-ness. I'll need to find my fun in fiction for the next few months.

However, if I meet my writing goals weekly, I'll pop in and visit you as a delicious reward to myself (yup, you're sweet like honey to me - and non-fattening, too!). If my slackerness is under control, I'll give you an update and see what wickedness you're up to. Don't forget me in my absence. I promise, I won't forget you.

See ya', you sweeties!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

PS - If you're missing me (a megalomaniac dream of mine), you can drop me an email at franfriel AT gmail.com. I'm going to work on that newsletter I've been neglecting, as well, so feel free to sign-up, and please ignore the glaring typo in the "thank you for signing-up" message. Jeesh, you'd think I'd catch those typo gremlins in the act...but NOooo. *mutters to self*

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Noctem Aeternus Loot & Apex Fame and Fortune

Is It Halloween Yet?
I love Halloween, and it's right around the calendar corner. The munchkins in their costumes, the candles flickering in the crisp New England air, and the doorbell. Well, maybe not the doorbell...makes the dog insane, but I digress. If you want to do something extra fun for Halloween, go to the Keene Pumpkin Festival. I took the barfing pumpkin pic there a couple of years ago. It's a hoot. Thousands of carved pumpkins and building-size pumpkin towers, and at dusk, ALL the jack-o-lanterns lighted and eerily beautiful. If you don't mind a hefty crowd, check it out...and remember to take your camera!

Apex Halloween Coup
Another fabulous thing about Halloween is the annual Apex Digest Halloween Short Fiction Contest. As you all probably know by now, Apex is my favorite mag, and getting a story published within its yummy pages is a sweet coup for any writer. Writing the winning "post-apocalyptic" story will give you that privilege, plus a hot C-note ($100US) and a load of excellent prizes. Second place ain't too shabby either. For the full scoop, Go to Apex for the Contest Guidelines.

And while you're there, please be sure to check-out APEX ONLINE for some excellent FREE fiction, interviews and reviews. Btw, APEX is now open for regulare submissions, as well!!

Noctem Aeternus Needs A Swift Kick!
The upcoming, and much anticipated, Noctem Aeternus online magazine needs a kick...a kick start, that is. They pay 10 cents a word to their writers, which in today's zine market, is SUPER-FABOO. How can they do this? With advertising dollars! And big fat lists of subscribers is what advertisers need to see. SOOO, what NA needs from us, is a little help via our vast empires of family and friends. AND, they're willing to pay for the privilege to one lucky subscription contest winner who will receive an amazing haul of literary loot. If you love supporting the small press and/or you'd like a shot at the following list of excellent titles for your own library collection...

Run On Over to Shocklines to Get the Full Contest Details

The Loot:

* The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association by
Thomas F. Monteleone Signed #366 of 1000 Limited BP

* A Little Brown Book of Bizarre Stories by Thomas F.
Monteleone Signed #103 of 500 limited BP Hardback.

* A Little Brass Book of Full Metal Fiction by
Douglas E. Winter Signed #461 of 500 limited BP Hardback.

* Darker by SimonClark – Delux Limited (1000) Signed CD

* The Other End by John Shirley – Signed Limited (1000) CD

* Midnight Premiere edited by Tom Piccirilli – Signed Limited
(1500) CD Hardback.

* Prodigal Blues by Gary Braunbeck – Signed Limited (1000)
CD Hardback.

* Wild Things by Douglas Clegg – Signed Limited (1500) CD

* Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge – Signed Limited (2000)
CD Hardback.

* Camp Stalag by Bill Walker – Signed Limited (1000) CD

See, I wasn't kidding you - that's a sweet list of loot! And Michael Knost, the editor of Noctem Aeternus, is a friend of mine, and I know this mag is going to be a sensation. If you haven't signed-up for the FREE mag, do it today and send all your friends and family there, too. The contest deadline is September 30th, so get your peeps clickin' RIGHT HERE!

Jeesh, I've got tons more to tell you, but it'll have to wait until next time. Writing to do, places to go! I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. And to you US folks, Happy Labor Day Weekend. Grill somethin' rare and juicy for me! *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

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