Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Blah Blues and News

Blog Blah Blues and News
House hunting, house selling, writing, cleaning and staying up WAY too late made blogging today a seemingly insurmountable task, BUT fear not, my friends, I shall not fail in my Sunday pleasure of visiting with you. With my schedule, our time together is far too short already.

So, on my big ALMOST insurmountable blogging desk is some good news for readers and writers alike. Two new dark fiction/news mags are getting ready to launch.

First in the line-up is Cryptopedia Magazine, launching September 30th.

From their website:
From the folks who brought you The Cryptopedia: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange & Downright Bizarre (Citadel Books, August 2007) comes a new online magazine of horror fiction, fact, art, comics, news, interviews, reviews and more.

Heading up this fine new mag, is Stoker Award-winning author, Jonathan Maberry, and Executive Editor, David F. Kramer. With this energetic duo, Cryptopedia should be a winner. For the writers, start your engines because the submission period has opened. For the readers, stay tuned for CM's official launch announcement in September.

Next on the new dark fiction hit parade is Noctem Aeternus (Eternal Night). My friend and Bordelines Press Novel Boot Camp buddy, publisher, Michael Knost, will be launching the mysterious and beautiful NA in January 2008.

From the NA newsletter:
The horror genre sometimes gets a bad reputation for being the shock jocks of the literary field,” Editor Michael Knost said. “You can find plenty of blood and guts, but sometimes there is no story among the gore. Noctem Aeternus will be a quality fiction magazine, focusing on the story and its characters.

The first issue will include a short story (and interview) from master storyteller, Ramsey Campbell. Ramsey Campbell is perhaps the world’s most honored author of horror fiction. He has won four World Fantasy Awards, ten British Fantasy Awards, three Bram Stoker Awards, and the Horror Writer’s Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Michael will be offering news and updates at the Noctem Aeternus website and in the NA newsletter. Sign-up now for the newsletter and receive the PDF magazine FREE when it launches in January. Submission for Noctem Aeternus open June 1st.

So there you have it kids, a little fiction news for your calendar, and another blog for the archives. So writers, get writing and readers sign-up for the newsletters and bookmark those websites. Lots of fiction goodies on the horizon.

Now it's time for my much needed siesta. See ya' next week...and I'll try my best to be better rested. Hey, wish me luck with the house hunting. I've got a date with my Realtor in the morning. Looking for that place on the beach...and gawd, do I ever need a place on the beach right now. *snores*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Monday, April 23, 2007

Grapevine Horror News

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Grapevine News

Today I thought I'd just share little bits of news that have been flowing through the Horror grapevine. Something for everyone, readers, writers and the general horror fan alike. And why am I doing this? Just because I felt like it. I hope you feel like it, too.

So, let's have at it. First on the hit parade, something...

For the Readers

Books from Yummsville
So for you, dear readers, we have a couple of new releases (or almost released) that I, personally, have been waiting impatiently for. Both are book 2 in their respective series.

Borderkind, Book 2 of the Veil,
by Christopher Golden

From Shocklines:
"For centuries they lived amongst us. The frightful and wondrous, the angelic and bloodthirsty. Living in a reality just beyond the Veil, humanity's myths and legends are caught in a struggle for their very survival -- against hunters far more powerful than they are..."

"Christopher Golden's storytelling is spellbinding." -- Boston Magazine

The Myth Hunters, Book 1 of the Veil
was one of my favorite reads of the year. If you like a delicious mix of fantasy, horror and mythology, I suspect you'll love this series. Shall we say, Gaimanesque.

by Tim Lebbon

From Shocklines:
"In this follow-up to "Dusk," award-winning author Tim Lebbon takes fantasy to new heights in his thrilling new epic...Noreela teeters on the brink of destruction, but at its center pulses a magic grown stronger than ever before. Now the Mages have raised an army of terrifying warriors and unstoppable war machines. Their goal: the annihilation of all Noreela through a reign of bloodshed and death unlike any ever imagined..."

"A riveting work of staggering imagination." F. Paul Wilson

Mr. Wilson is so right! I felt the same way about book 1, Dusk. Blew my mind and I couldn't wait for book 2. It was a long wait, but that sweet thing should be arriving in my mailbox any day now. Woohoo!

How about some fine FREE reading? Ready for the taking, Issue 7 of Dark Recesses Press.

Download the FREE PDF version:
HERE at Dark Recesses Press

Fiction, including work from Daniel Braum, Joel Arnold, John Peters and others. Edmund Schubert, editor of the Intergalactic Medicine Show, interviews the fabulous Stephen Mark Rainey...and more. Fine full-color artwork, as always.

For the Fans

Pod People
Pod of Horror is still gracing the podways with the fabulous talents of Mark Justice and company. Episode #37 offers tons of wickedness including interviews with the very talented James Newman and Steven Savile, talking about life, horror and their latest books.

Download Pod of Horror Episode #37 at Horror World - FREE!

Chit Chat
Then be sure to check the chat schedule at The Lost and the Damned for your favorite authors. Chat live online with some of the horror industry's best writers, artist and publishers.

Click Here to check for the chat schedule and to sign-up for reminders.

Visit The Lost and the Damned message board HERE.

For Writers

Many of you know of the wonders to be found at the Storytellers Unplugged blog, but if you're a writer and you haven't been there or you have visited in a while, go now...really, right now!

What is Storytellers Unplugged?

In their own words:
"We're a group of thirty authors, editors, booksellers, and publishing professionals who want to share our love of writing and "behind the scenes" tips with readers who are also interested in the magic of writing. Each day of the month a different columnist will contribute a post - some will be serious, some will be funny, but all will be informative. Join us daily!"

And we're talking some of the best in the business, like Elizabeth Massie, John Skipp, Brian Hodge, Deborah Leblanc and the long list of talent goes on. So much writing and publishing wisdom to be had there, it's mind boggling.

On to an issue for you to consider. No matter whether guilty or innocent, everyone deserves a fair and timely trial. Have a read at Paula Guran's, Dark Echo blog - The Man the Horror Community Has Forgotten.

From blog interests we move to the news, Horror Fiction News Network. Paul Puglisi has created a fantastic horror news portal with enough info and reading to keep you busy until the end of time. He's just done a complete overhaul of the site and it looks fabulous and is full of wonderful horror goodness, including the new fiction journal, Horror Literature Quarterly. The first issue includes fiction from some of my favorite writers, Kealan Patrick Burke and Nate Southard.

And finally, the Horror Writers Association website has undergone a makeover, and boy does she look fine. Bravo to Christopher Fullbright and his website magic minions!

Oh, Yeah...
I almost forgot that I wanted to tell you about the SF writers' con, Context 20. Yeah, I know I said this was a horror blog, but besides the fact that I love sci-fi, this "little" writer's con in Ohio just keeps getting better and better. Workshops include wonderful instructors like, Michael Arnzen, Gary Braunbeck, Tim Powers, Tobias Buckell, Tim Waggoner and many others.

Check out CONTEXT 20, September 28-30, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio

For updates, visit Lucy Snyder at the Context LiveJournal.

Okay, so I yammered on and on, but I hope you found something that interested you. My blogging time is more limited these days so it all just came barfing out on the page at once. I hope you didn't mind the mess. *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

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