Author Interrogation with John Buja aka. J. Edwin Buja

A Chat with John Buja It was a privilege to interrogate, er...interview the magnificent, John Buja . I hope you enjoy our time together as much as I have. Here's a little bio from John's Amazon Page to get you started:  J Edwin Buja has spent his life surrounded by books and has written everything from children's novels to software technical manuals. With an MA in History, he discovered early on that researching and writing hold the key to happiness. Who else would think scanning through years of microfilm to index an old newspaper would be a dream job? The King of the Wood is his first novel in the genre of magical realism, but it will not be his last. For more than thirty years, he has been married to the most wonderful woman on the planet. He lives in a small village somewhere in Ontario. ______________________________ Fran Friel: Welcome, John! Thank you so much for joining me for a little chat. So, what are you working on at the moment

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