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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing Advice from "Franzen, King, Hosseini, and More"

How to Write: A Year in Advice from Franzen, King, Hosseini, and More

Photo from The Atlantic


I've been saving the link to this article since December, because I wanted to be sure to share it with you (in case you missed it). I've been eager to get back to the blog, and what better way to do it than with a bang.

Joe Fassler of The Atlantic has provided a wonderful service to writers by gaining access to a magnificent gaggle of fine authors. Through his interviews with these generous folks, he collected their invaluable advice in the following article. Like I said, it's worth saving.

Of his collection of interviews, Joe Fassler says:

"Taken together, these conversations were like attending an MFA program—I learned that much. Here are the best short pieces of writing advice I heard from writers in 2013, a whole year’s worth of wisdom."


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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Haunted Mansion Project Interview

Angel and Fran Survive the Skeery


Have a peek at my interview with the marvelous and talented, Loren Rhoads.

We survived The Haunted Mansion Retreat together, along with a bunch of other intrepid writers and artists. Loren digs deep and makes me share the skeery.

Visit Morbid Is As Morbid Does for the Interview:


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Friday, May 31, 2013


My dear friend (and brother from another mother), Bourn Archer, is doing something spectacular. He is creating TREASURES!

When the corporate world decided to eat up all the small businesses where his restaurant has been for over a decade, he decided it was an opportunity. Bourn took a sharp turn on the highway of life to follow his passion--Music!

Not only is he the lead singer for the great band, Locomotive Breath, he is opening a concert and rehearsal venue so he can be immersed in his passion while serving the incredible music and art community of Santa Cruz.

His new venue is called TREASURES!

This space is incredible! Bourn, Rhan Wilson, and Rick Zeek are hard at work renovating the space. The estimated unveiling of Treasures is sometime in August 2013.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

They're Baaaack...The Cyberman!

BBC America - Neil Gaiman's Cyberman

They're Back


From I09:

"This Saturday, renowned author Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who, with a brand new mission: make the Cyberman actually terrifying again. "
How Neil Gaiman did away with the "clanky clanky steampunk" Cybermen

This Saturday, renowned author "Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who, with a brand new mission: make the Cyberman actually terrifying again. We talked to Gaiman, along with some other reporters, and he explained how he became the new Cyber-controller.

"Spoilers ahead --"

I'll be watching...and squeeee-ing the whole time!

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Fran Friel

Friday, April 05, 2013

ASM Blog Horde Interview with Daine Severson

Blog Horde Interview Logo
Welcome to the Amazing Stories BLOG HORDE INTERVIEWS!
The ASM Blog Horde is a diverse and wonderful species. I have the privilege of talking with all of them, and I get to share those chats with you. In this long-running series, you will have the opportunity to peek inside the minds of the ASM bloggers to to see just what makes them tick.
I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you. Please feel free to ask questions, or just let the Horde know you've stopped by for a visit.
Bloggers live for comments, so keep 'em alive!  

Tonight's Featured ASM Blogger:IMG_0372
DIANE SEVERSON is a professional singer and vocal teacher. She specializes in "Early Music," and freelances mostly in Medieval and Baroque music. She is also a wife and a mother, a podcaster, a narrator and blogger.
After finishing her Bachelors of Music Degree in Vocal Performance in Madison, Wisconsin, Diane moved to Germany where she lived for twenty years. She recently relocated to Paris with her family—an Italian husband, and their 3-year old linguist son.

Fran Friel for Amazing Stories: Welcome to the ASM Blog Horde Interview Series, Diane. I’m thrilled to be here with you. So, let's start with how you became interested in blogging for Amazing Stories Magazine.
DS: I saw Steve Davidson’s post calling for bloggers for Amazing Stories over on the StarShipSofa Facebook Page. Since I’ve been Science Fiction poetry’s self-appointed spokesperson for a while now, I thought blogging for ASM would be a perfect opportunity to expand that to a wider audience.

ASN: As you well know, Amazing Stories Magazine has quite a wide variety of blogging categories. In which categories will we find your blogs?
DS: I blog about Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction poetry. My main focus will be to review SF poetry – chapbooks, collections, anthologies, online poetry zines and the like. I plan to throw in the odd interview with a prominent or favorite SF poet every once in a while.

ASM: Diane, who are your favorite authors, and what keeps you coming back to their work? Any book recommendations for us?
Diane Severson ASM Interview 4DS: My favorite author within or outside of the genre is Ursula K. LeGuin. I haven’t read all of her work, not by a long stretch, but I’m trying to space it out, so I don’t run out of things to look forward to, if you know what I mean.
My favorite novels by UKL are The Left Hand of Darkness (SF), The Other Wind (part of the fantasy, Earthsea Cycle) and The Lathe of Heaven. Her short stories are also incredibly powerful, but there are too many which have affected me to name here. Long before I discovered SF poetry, I fell in love with UKL’s style. It’s slow and melodic and beautiful, just like poetry. I think that might be just what turns some people off of her work.

ASM: That’s a juicy list for sure, Diane. I would happily get lost in your bookshelves. Now, how about new or lesser-known authors? Is there anyone you would suggest to our readers?
DS: I’ve been introduced to so many authors through podcasts, specifically StarShipSofa and PodCastle, that I’m losing track of who is well known and who is not. However, I feel fairly confident that Lawrence SantoroMatthew Sanborn Smith and Grant Stone might not be household names.

ASM: Discovering new talent is like finding buried treasure, so thanks for the recommendations. What are you reading now, and how is it so far?   
Wickedly Yours,

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