Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wandering Flesh!

Oh, have I got a tasty morsel for you today. Come visit author John Hubbard and me at The Horror Library Blog-O-Rama for a juicy chat about Wandering Flesh. Poetry, Art and Zomibes - what more could you want?
Click here for a quick ride to The Horror Library Blog-O-Rama!

Also, CHAT TONIGHT 9:00 Eastern at The Red Light District with Dave Dinsmore from Biting Dog Press. Go to The Red Light District and Click On, Join Live Chat in the top left corner. Dave's a great guy and can answer your questions about the small press publishing world and lots of other juicy topics. Be sure to drop by and get your chat on!


Richard said...

I tried and tried to get into the chat but all I got was blank screen. The instructions said I was a new member so I was supposed to go to the Community room/features and turn on chat but there was not a features button anywhere. So sad I missed it.

Fran Friel said...


I'm so sorry you had trouble getting into the chat. Join Live Chat should have brought you to us. It might be worth going back and signing up for an ezboard registration. That maybe what kept you out.

They regularly have live chats so it's worth joining. I've chatted with quite a few authors and a few publishers. I always come away with some good information.

The ezboard registration also allows you to be a global user on all ezboards so it's probably a good thing to have.

Let me know how it goes. I'll go back and check into it more carefully and amend my instructions for the next announcement I make for chats. I don't want anyone to be locked out of the fun.

Thanks for the message, and thanks for stopping by.


Richard said...

No worries. At least someone posted the transcript for us untouchables.


Fran Friel said...

Yes, Cat is great about posting the transcripts. It's really quite an excellent chat series, and Cat is a great hostess. They always have a prize, too. The authors usually give a book away through a random drawing of the names of the people at the chat. I won once.

I hope to see you there sometime.


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