Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion!

Well, in truth, a personal blog by it's very nature is shameless self-promotion, but I can trump that.

Now imagine I'm using my best Sex in the City gossipy girl's voice:

"You must stop by The Horror Library - my gawd, it's amazing. And while you're there, do not miss my story, MASHED!

"And while you're at it, raise your glass (a Cosmo, of course) for a toast to the lovely Ms. Callisto of Callisto Blissed, for providing the perfect photographic art for, Mashed."

Shameless self-promotion complete! My work is done here.

Be sure to stop by again, soon. We'll do lunch...


Callisto said...

The cheque's in the mail Fran ;-)

Hope your weather warms up soon. From one weather whiner to another.




Fran Friel said...

My check is in the mail, too, Callisto. Keep taking those great photos, I'll keep posting them with my stories, and hopefully one day I'll actually make enough money to pay you!


Chris Perridas said...

Audrey II lives.

Ginger said...

Incredible photograph! Truly. My mouth watered at the lighting, etc.

Fran, you're a scream! ;-)


Fran Friel said...

Fran, you're a scream! ;-)

Yeah, my mom used to say the same thing. Hmmm...or was that, "Fran, you're going to make me scream." Oh, yeah, that was it. Never mind.

As for the juicy pic - that girl can take a photograph, can't she? Must be the Aussie heat...does something to the creative juices. ;-)

Thanks for coming out to play, G!


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