Monday, March 06, 2006

JOHN SKIPP Talks About Writing and Life!

Check out John Skipp's interview at Storytellers Unplugged. It's funny, raw, honest and full of Skipp wisdom on writing and life.

Don't miss it!

John Skipp is the Best Selling author of CONSCIENCE, THE SCREAM and THE EMERALD BURRITO OF OZ.

Wickedly Yours,


Callisto said...

The Emerald Burrito of OZ. That's a weird coincidence, I've just blogged about the frog green corn chips of Aus...

:-) Nice to read you!

Fran Friel said...

Frog green corn chips of Aus

Mmmm...yummm... I'll be stopping by to check that out, Callisto. So sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'm just busy as the devil. Another week or so and the schedule should calm down to a roar.

It's so good to see you.


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