Sunday, July 29, 2007

WANTED! Pssst...submissions

You're WANTED!
Okay, maybe there's no million dollars, no fame (well, maybe a little), no fortune, but you're wanted just the same...or at least your writing is. Three, count 'em, kids...three publishers want your wares.

Number One
BBT Magazine wants you to flash 'em! That's right. They're having a little flash fiction competition over at Blood, Blade and Thruster Mag. The short version of what they want:

- Topic - Write a Flash in which someone dies and it’s funny.

1. 1000 words or less. No exceptions

2. Relate to the contest topic.

3. As Blood Blade and Thruster is a publication of speculative fiction with a slant to the satirical, we will only accept works of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, which convey a self-deprecating or humorous view of the genre.

Are you game? If so, you'll find the full guidelines HERE.

Number Two
UK publisher, Hadesgate Publications, will be open for submissions for the month of August, according to their announcement at Shocklines message board today. In brief:

Previously unpublished novel sized manuscripts. Our bias is towards horror & dark fantasy."

Hadesgate has been publishing some beautiful books, and they're a great bunch of folks to boot. If you're interest, for the full scoop, stop by the Shocklines message board or the Hadesgate website.

Number Three
Cutting Block Press is now open for submissions for the anthology, Horror Library Vol 3. This wonderful short story series is a tough market to crack (yup, they gave me a big fat rejection for Vol 2!) and it just keeps getting tougher, but Cutting Block makes a darn "pretty" book with well written fabulous tales. What they're looking for:

"...the highest quality examples of all forms of Dark Fiction, running the gamut from traditional horror, supernatural, speculative, psychological thriller, dark satire, including every point between and especially beyond. No Fantasy or Sci-fi unless the horror elements are dominant.

"Stories will range between 1,000 and 6,000 words, though we'll look at longer works of exceptional merit. In that case, query before submission. Buying 1st worldwide anthology rights. We'll consider reprints, but query before submitting. Paying 1.5 cents per word, plus one contributors copy. For established authors, rates may be negotiable. Response time: three months or sooner. Deadline: We will accept submissions until filled."

Want to know more? Visit Cutting Block Press Here!

So there you have it, gang. Small, medium or large...a few sweet options for your writing chops to chomp on. So what are you waiting for? Getting writing! Woohoo...

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fingers, Hands and a Strawberry Man

Thursday at the BBT
Hi, Gang! I've missed you. Seriously, I really enjoy blogging and chatting with you all, but duty has been calling...a little long overdue fun, as well.

Since today is my 4th Thursday of the month blogging day over at BBT Magazine, I hope you'll CLICK ON OVER and visit me there. I've got a little Kincaid, Braunbeck and Shapiro goodness to share with you - Fingers, Hands and a Strawberry Man. So much to little time.

Hope to see you there!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mr. B and Mr. Hands

Mr. Braunbeck Does It Again!

Gary Braunbeck's writing grabs you by the heart and the scruff of the neck and drags you down into his world with aching intimacy and wrenching horror. His disarming humor makes the ride even more treacherous. Just when you think it's safe to giggle...BAMM!

Looks like Mr. Hands, from Dorchester/Leisure is no exception. Check-out Gary's book trailer. It left me with my shoulders up around my ears and that feeling of GAH! in my throat!

If you're just discovering Gary's work, you're in for a treat! Not only is he a master writer, he's one of THE nicest guys in the business. Run, do not walk, to Gary's Bibliography and pick out something "nice" for yourself. You deserve some good Braunabeck today!

I just received my copy of Gary's novella, Smiling Faces Sometimes. Publisher and artist, Keith Minnion, did his usual brilliant job, making this one gorgeous little illustrated book, and I can't wait to get to the juicy Braunbeck insides. Yumm!

Rhode Island Bound
Well, that's it for me today, kids. I've got a loomer of a deadline and Necon (Northeastern Writers' Conference) right around the corner, which means I won't see you next weekend. I'll be sleeping with the fishes (Team Koi) and partying with the sweetest and best-est writers in the business. I wish you could ALL be there with us for what I consider summer camp for horror writers. Heaven knows I could use the break from moving boxes and renovations. Rhode Island, here I come!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maiden Voyage of the Wicked

BBT Debut Scoop
Well, I'm live (just barely, since it's 2AM!) at the blog at Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine.  As promised, here's the link in case you want to check it out:
Maiden Voyage of the Wicked

And notice the logo title?  You all helped me to create that, as it's how I always sign my blogs to you.  Thanks so much for your unfailing inspiration!

I hope you enjoy my Maiden Voyage!

Hugs from Sleepy CT,
Fran Friel

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Gack, Sensory Deprivation and Kealan

Yeah, I got slimed this week - Got the Gack, as we say in our house. My husband went to Mexico on business and brought back this way-too-long-lasting souvenir - the flu. I would have preferred a pinata. I guess I was worn-out by the move to the new house, so those opportunistic little monster germs took advantage of my flagging immune system and set-up camp for the week.

I'm feeling much better today, but I missed the Live Earth concert because of those little slimy monsters. My husband, my daughter and her friend, Billy (my replacement) went to Giants Stadium yesterday for the event and had a blast. Sting, The Police, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Melissa Ethridge, Bon Jovi, and a gazillion other bands were there to support change in the global climate crisis. While this historic event went on, what did I do? Mostly, I slept. *grumbles under breath at Mexican flu bugs*

A strange result of this flu was my loss of taste. My sinuses were so wacked-out, I couldn't taste anything! Funny thing, taste, you REALLY don't appreciate how wonderful it is until you don't have it. Yeah, I know, it's not like losing your sight or your hearing, but it certainly leaves the world strangely flat when a dish of strawberry ice cream is simply cold and smoothly textured, minus the sweet taste bud tones of red jeweled sweetness.

It left me thinking about sensory deprivation. Rather than extreme pain, just imagine the slow deliberate erosion of your senses - being stripped one sensory delight at a time including touch and movement. It got me to thinking that we're so tied into our senses as human beings that without them in this reality, what are we? If we had only one sense left, what would living be like? And if that sense was taken away, then what? Seems to me that if the person was still sane and physically viable, it would be like being imprisoned in the vessel of your body. What would the mind do? Are there diseases like this? I know, I'm weird, but it is a strange thought to consider. I've got a story idea burning a hole in my brain right now, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Elixir of KPB
One of the things that has certainly been good medicine for me during my Gack stint, is a little dose of Kealan. Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award winning author and editor, will be Second Tuesday Guest Blogger this week at The Horror Library Blog-O-Rama. Besides being awfully pretty, he's a marvelous writer. As the HLBOR blog wrangler, I've had the pleasure of sneak-peaking his essay and it's excellent and a subject close to my heart (or hate), at the moment. So, be sure to stop-by the HL Blog-O-Rama on Tuesday to read Kealan's essay, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, and while you're at it, check-out KPB's list of excellent books and offerings at his website - . And if you still haven't had your fill of yummy Kealan goodness, you'll also find him at MySpace.

BBT Thursdays
Btw, I'm starting a new blogging gig this week over at Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine. I'll be blogging the horror beat there on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. BBT is a fine mag and a very busy blogging venue, so I hope you'll stop by and visit me on my maiden BBT blog voyage this Thursday. I suspect you'll recognize the title of my blog, Wickedly Yours. I'll try to remember to post a link for you, in case you want to check it out.

Now, be sure to thank your taste buds today, and by all means, avoid the evil GACK! *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

Note: The fabulous slime doll photo is from Kyozotchy at Flickr. Stop by and send them some slimy love.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last of the Summer Whine

Dead Tired But Done
By now, you must be ready to hear about something besides my moving horror reports. Thank you all for your indulgence and for the wonderful good wishes and support. Your encouragement has really been a big help. Seriously!

Well, I'm happy to report that the moving is complete and the closings were all successful and hitchless. Whew! *wipes brow* We're still thick in the middle of the renovation and we have boxes up the wazoo right now, but we have a working bathroom, a bed and Internet, so we're good to go. Once I find my camera (*looks at Mt. Boxalot and shakes head*), I'll post some pics of the mayhem. The pic at the top of the blog was courtesy of some other moving-maddened individual from the net. I thank them (and send my sympathies).

Now, after a WAY too long hiatus, I'm off to write. Deadlines loom large, my friends. Wish me luck as I fire-up the old muse and ask her forgiveness for my absence. I know it sounds hokey, but a new chapter in my life and my work begins today. Woohoo!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

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