Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Times Best Seller Viehl Shares Financial Realities of Publishing

Truth Be Told
Wow, it certainly is refreshing to hear the truth for once. A long held sacred cow of the publishing industry is the silence of publishers and authors about advances and royalty statements. The marvelous NY Times Best Selling author, Lynn Viehl (also, S. L. Viehl), lays it all on the line, including her royalty statement, to dispel some of the myths and exaggerations about the writing business.

CLICK HERE to read Lynn's excellent article!

What do you think? Is this similar to your experience or that of your colleagues? Any wisdom, hearsay, ranting to add to the subject?

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Fran Friel

PS - Many thanks to Mari Adkins for the link!


Clara Chandler said...

This was her sixth in a series, so it kinda skews the stats, don'tcha think?

Matt said...

I'd heard the rough estimates on how much authors make on a given book. Nice to see how it actually shakes out, though.

Thanks for the link, Fran!

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